Criteria for video presentation

APC  ·  2-4 July 2018  ·  Bruges

You are required to bring to APC a ten minute video recording of you working with SDM in your normal setting, together with a brief written resume of the contents of your video on arrival at the course.

The video is not to be seen as a test but an opportunity for analysis and support.

Your video will be observed during the course and you must be able to address the following questions at that stage:

  1. Who are the participants?
  2. How long have you been working with SDM with these particular participants?
  3. What is the main aim of this session?
  4. How long have you been working on this particular aim with these participants?
  5. What are your objectives with these participants?
  6. How far do you think these objectives were met in this session?
  7. How many more sessions do you think you will need before the participants have fulfilled the aim?
  8. Can you talk us through one participant’s movement sequence using Laban’s analysis to describe what we see?
  9. Is there any participant(s) that you would like to draw our attention to because of something special?
  10. How did you evaluate the whole of the movement session (not just the ten minutes we have seen)?
  11. Where do you think you will take the participants in their next movement session and why?